The Enchantments of Life


This is our introductory site for those who wish to have a quick overview of the Enchantments of Life. A more advanced map will be coming soon.

Our work integrates astrology, mysticism, developmental psychology, sociology, shamanism and the metaphysics of energy.

The articles on this site (click in the menu bar above) are accessible, nonacademic and fun introductions to our work.

Laurence James Lucas and Carey Vail


Laurence James Lucas is a Life Change Facilitator, with more than 20 year’s experience and immersion in various spiritual, energy-body and physical practices; astrological consultations and research; studies in the evolution of human consciousness; shamanic healing; and mysticism. You can contact him on

Laurence's astrological website is:

Our Big Q self-assessment questionnaire that will help you understand your own lifescape Enchantment is here as a printable PDF:

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