The Enchantments of Life

 Mind Your Language!


You are surfing the web of human life every time you speak, read and think



You exist in a sea of information. Your life is a story set within the story of your family (set within the ancestral DNA/bloodline story) and your relationships—intimate, friendly, ideological and professional. The story of your life with people you come into contact with is set within the story of society, which is a story told by education, politics, business, culture, arts, fashion and the media, all set within the story of history, a story itself told in different ways through different perspectives.


All those stories of our past sink into the mythic bedrock; the intangible story that arises from the story of the human species, a feeling-based backdrop to the film or the play you star in, which is the story of your life.


What you say is like a search on the Internet. It is an affirmation or mantra—the more you say it, the more you search; the more your search is answered and confirmed.



Life Just Heard You

Whatever you say is heard by Life. Even if you are on your own, Life is listening. Think of it like this—whether you speak to yourself only or to another, the collective unconscious, the collective imagination, is registering those words.


The Lord searches all hearts, and understands all the imaginations of the thoughts.

I Corinthians 28:9


As Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud realized, our unconscious is not separate from the collective mind, with its stories and myths; our dreams are full of universal symbols. Our minds are all connected. Through levels and layers in our subconscious and unconscious, we filter and colour the species mind with our culture, family tradition, education and other conditioning.


Words come with a history; they hold the inherent meaning of the collective historic use, whether we are conscious of that or not. ‘Black’ is bad, ‘White’ is good.1 This is inferred and unconsciously received, due to historic usage. We are using energy that has a history, which we are constantly adding energy to and evoking.


Words have sprung from and help determine different levels or mythologies of life. Language settles down and congregates to form collective stories.


Words also evolve and have more fluidity of meaning when put together with other words. Words with the same meanings have subtly different connotations, nuances or resonances (for example, wealth, affluence, prosperity, fortune, riches, abundance, opulence, loaded, etc)


Words spoken out loud have the power of manifestation. The repeated words or the linguistic grooves and scripts we all tend to settle into create the reality we experience. Words are attractors; words are memes or cultural viruses. Words have fashions—the way sayings, terms and expressed sentiments are put together are especially historic, belong to a specific time; they also belong to different levels of mythology in the collective unconscious.



Pay Attention Please!

We are rapidly moving from the Age of Information to the Age of Attention. What information do you want to buy into? Ultimately it is not information in the linear sense that is important, rather it is ‘reality packages’, which create subliminal stories, or four-dimensional holograms.


Every time we express an opinion, we conjure up a cloud of imagery; we evoke a story, a context for Life.

If you start criticizing people, your unconscious just joins together the negative words to make up a story about Life—all Life, including your Life. You are programming your reality with criticism.


If you start talking politics, you will evoke that backdrop. For example, if I start to talk about Blair and Bush, you get that heavy sense of argument, perhaps of indignation, and … you get the picture I am sure.


But if I say, “Let’s talk about joy, love, prosperity, entrepreneurial spirit, travel, adventure, sunshine, forests, sparkling streams, vital energy, fresh air, cool clean alpine slopes, passionate creativity …”, it feels altogether different, doesn’t it?


You can choose to bring more of the energy you would like to have in your life by choosing your words.


We live in a self-perpetuating Enchantment, fuelled by words. What we talk about and read about is recycled through our personal external and internal reality and is what we contribute to in the co-creation of this world’s reality.



You Are a Multilayered Transmitter and Response Unit

You are a nodal point in the information matrix, who draws upon the different levels of reality that I call Enchantments, each of which has its own scripts. You use these scripts to sculpt and create your own theatrical variant of reality, which is your expression.


By faith we understand that the world was created by the Word of God, so that what is seen was made out of things which do not appear.

Hebrews 11:3


You are a kaleidoscope of expression, who mixes mainly from four coloured filters of perception (the four main adult Enchantments of Life, or stages of consciousness).


When you look down the tube of your kaleidoscopic perception, what do you say you see?



The Scriptures of the Enchantments

The examples given below are the clichés we all use or have used in the past, mostly unconsciously. They are simply scripts, generated automatically from the corresponding Enchantment.


Saturn Enchantment 

Often comes with the ‘we’ prefix.


“An honest day’s work.”

“Do as you’re told.”

“An honest and upright citizen.”

“Do your duty, for king and country.”

“The salt of the Earth.”

“Be a good girl.”

“We ought to …”, “I should …”, “We need to …”, “We must …”

“Everybody knows that …”

“Facts, stick to the facts!”


“Lunatic fringe.”

“In my day …”

“Mustn’t grumble (grumble, grumble).”

“It’s not what it used to be.”

“Mark my words!”

“Waste not, want not.”



Uranus Enchantment

Often comes with an ‘I’ prefix.


“Time is money.”

“Make something of yourself.”

“Money makes the world go around.” 

“You can’t survive without money.”

“… says more about you than money ever can.”

“Buy this and show the world you are an individual.”

“Can do.”

“I will …”

“Spending time …”, “Wasting time …”, “Making time for …”

“Go for it!”

“Yes… he shoots, he scores!”

“What a weirdo.”

“Loser, uncool, nerd, waster!”

“He’s so interesting, what a brain!”

“I am making a big investment in this relationship.”

“What do I get out of this?”

“The Big Bang theory.”

“You only live once.”

“Survival of the fittest.”

“Winners and losers.”

“I am spent.”

“Quality time.” (Orange Uranus moving to Green Neptune)



Neptune Enchantment

Often comes with a ‘we’ prefix.


“Beat the system.”

“Rage against the machine.”

“The real truth behind …”

“Heal your past.”

“How do we feel about that?”

“We can all share.”

“She’s such a powerful healer.”

“My guardian angel guided me to …”

“It’s not mine; I was given it by Spirit.”

“It’s obviously yet another conspiracy by them.”

“The corporate machine.”

“Let’s talk about it.”

“Love and light.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“We all share the same …”


Pluto Enchantment 

Often comes with an ‘I’ prefix.


“Live and let live.”

“Horses for courses.”

“Do what you want, but not at the expense of others.”

“Systems on the edge of chaos.”

“The butterfly effect.”

“Well, just try it and see.”

“Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t.”

“I intend to ……. , but I am not too attached to the outcome.”

“No regrets.”

“Hey what the heck, it’s all good.”

“I would like to think this improves the world in some small way.”

“Test the water.”



Which Reality Do You Want to Buy Into?

The Uranus Enchantment interprets the computer age as the Age of Information, whereas Pluto Enchantment interprets it as the Age of Attention.


“Pay attention boy!”, says Saturn Enchantment. Uranus Enchantment wins your attention with status/good looks/appropriate costume and the sales pitch. Neptune Enchantment can’t always be bothered to pay attention to the outside world, as the inner world in this Enchantment feels much richer; however, Neptune may subconsciously be absorbing the reality/sound byte/commercial anyway, thus inadvertently paying attention (in energy) to support a reality not in accord with their ideology.


The world wants your attention. Politicians, the media, advertisers—they all want you to pay attention, pay with your attention, stand to at-tenSHUN. Without attention, a leader has no power; a government would not exist. So remember, your attention is first and foremost for yourself.


Words are power; own your power. Use intentional statements. Write them and read them back to yourself daily and they will prime your attention. You will start automatically placing your attention consciously on your own inner and outer reality; your spiritual and material world will start being how you would love it to be.


Place attention on that which you love by choosing your words consciously and with intention.

“I love life, life is good.”

[1] This, of course, is responsible for a lot of inadvertent racial discrimination, even amongst those who are not racist at all. See Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink, pp 81–86; Little, Brown and Company, 2005.

© Copyright Laurence James Lucas and Carey Vail