The Enchantments of Life

Life is an Enchantment


Visionary astrologer Laurence James Lucas explains our process of creating our reality and how we can view Life as a theatre



Are you aware how your day is created? When you wake up in the morning what colour are the walls in your bedroom? Is it cluttered? What pictures can you see? What books are on the shelf? What magazines do you read? What’s the first thing you heard today? Do you put the radio on? Do you listen to current events, DJ chat, classical or pop music?


Your intelligence is vast—far more than you realize. Your mind has absorbed all this and is creating patterns out of the data you are feeding yourself.


How do your clothes define your role? Meals—what alchemy are you creating within your body? What moods do your foods create? What mood is your lover in today? Did she or he encourage you or irritate you?


Your life is an art form, an Enchantment. Your internal world and your external world are in constant communication with each other. Being in any room will affect you—it will make you see the world in a certain way. If you are in the company of a positive person, think how powerful that message is to who you are and what you want to achieve. You are an information sponge and transmitter far more sophisticated than any piece of technology yet created. How sexy is that and how dare you sell yourself short?


Your life takes place within a landscape that feeds you subliminally. Every country has a quality that creates the background to your life. Every city, every countryside, has a flavour, a mythology and a set of scripts. Each place has its own Enchantment.


When we talk about communities on any scale from village to nation, we are of course talking about its people—no man is an island. Your deep unconscious is the collective unconscious, borne out by the universal interpretation of our dream symbols and Jungian synchronicity.


Both the human environment and the natural environment are being scanned by your pattern-making subconscious mind, which cajoles you into a particular neurological zone or state of mind. Think of the megabytes upon megabytes of information that are encoded into your 3-dimensional world—sounds, smells, language, passing conversation, styles of dress, markets, traffic, hills, water, birds, trees, or a city with its frenetic mix of contemporary multicultural life, billboard advertising and corporate sheen.


What seeds have you planted (today, yesterday, for years…) in your subconscious? These seeds grow and become your conscious mind, your attitudes and your feelings for today.


The fourth dimension is your inner world, which controls the speed of your day, the speeding up and slowing down of time. If you are having an exciting time, time runs away; if you are having an awful time, time drags heavy. When you are feeling centred, calm and clear, notice how time-rich you feel. A true master of time can write a good commentary on the life around and within them. Be conscious in the whirlwind of modern life; step into the still calm eye of the storm; observe what is going on within and around you; and create the life you want.


Do you want to change your world? Do you want to change your life?



More Magical than Psychological

Our experience of life is an Enchantment, a story that comes alive within us; it is the whole of a person’s reality, their living experience. You might say, ‘Life is an Enchantment? A mere story? But it’s so real, so tough.’ Yes, Enchantment is like a good film or an intense dream—while you are immersed in it, it’s real. This does not undermine anybody’s life; Enchantment is the way of creation.


The psychological condition of every individual generates the world, but the term ‘psychology’ is too cerebral to describe the greater reality. To describe our experience merely as a psychological state belies the magic, the allure, the awesome mystery of reality. Instead, I use the word ‘Enchantment’.


As we get older, we can become prone to disenchantment or disillusionment as we feel our individual reality has become worn out, or we feel we have had enough of the lifestyle we have created— not aware that it is an Enchantment, a role play we have written ourselves as we go along.


Once disenchanted, it is impossible to re-enchant your life solely from within your own mind. We need to see some external source to inspire a new reality, a new way of being.




Your uniqueness can never be explained simply as a type, a zodiac sign or a psychological state. Although you do exist within certain prescribed compartments—and you can be described fairly accurately by these definitions— the ‘you’ that you feel underlying your thoughts and emotions, that wordless Self, exists beyond description. This is the essential Self that we expand into.


What is this essential Self? Why, it is Life itself. Life in its entirety (creation) is full, it is everything that ever will be or could be. It is so full that it is empty; it is the brilliant light of the void. As gods of our own life, we have to choose to be. We create a theatre to have an experience, an Enchantment that brings us into existence, rather than staying purely as a potential within the creator and the creation.


You are forever making up stories. If you listen inside, you will hear your mind commentating on your actions, your past and your future. You are constantly creating stories. These patterns are conveyed via your facial expressions, your body language, your voice, your opinions, your conversations, your conditioned perceptions, your cultural script and assumptions, your clothes and your home, as well as through your creativity and actions in all areas of your life. All of these convey your story and simultaneously filter the information you receive. You choose the environment that you soak up and the world conforms to your expectations.


Your friends, your partner or lover, your neighbourhood, your environment, all input into your commentary box, which filters what is acceptable. The edited commentary is then transmitted as your story.



Life Feeds Back to Itself

You are what you eat—food creates mood creates a sense of perception—but you are also what you eat mentally and emotionally. You are being fed by your environment; the books you read, the films you watch, the company you keep. The external influences that you take into yourself mould your internal landscape of ideas, emotions and imagination. The external world conveys a story as sophisticated as we can conjure up.  True expectation loops back on itself instantaneously. This is an Enchantment, a magical weaving; this is storytelling, this is creation.




Your experience of life requires a background reality—not just your own fantasy, but an agreed-upon dream, fantasy, a story or Enchantment from the collective. We exist within layers of Enchantment—not just personal, social and historical, but evolutionary, Gaian, solar and galactic—in ever-expanding interpenetrating spheres that create greater Enchantments.


Our Sun creates a reality for our Earth, which creates a reality for our species, which is divided into differing levels of consciousness within the One Being that comprises the entire human species. Within that story, we have smaller stories—of history, science, religion and what we call ‘society’. Essentially these are nebulous ideas, temporal and temporary; they are Enchantments that surround us and within which we have our being.




It is only in co-operation with others that you truly create the spell, the Enchantment—consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. Habitually we weave the spells within which we live, unaware of this. Until …


… A crisis or disenchantment sets in, when we can suddenly see through an aspect of our reality. We see through our ambition, our hunger for a new Ferrari, or we see through our desire for a blonde with big attitudes. It may be that we lose our job, our faith, our partner, our health, what we have come to see as our identity. Suddenly we feel that Life has no meaning.


Disenchantment or a cynical attitude shows that our story is no longer working for us; our theatre has lost its stage presence. We then go through a transition period—which can often last a couple of years—before we are born again into a new landscape with a new golden horizon, complete with what I call a new ‘dictionary of the imagination’.



Re-Enchanting Your Reality

If we can let go of the old Enchantment and open fully to Life, we will become re-Enchanted into a larger environment of the psyche and worldly experience. A new pattern of Life emerges for us, a new picture of the world, and our previous way of life seems less real. We can see through our old life; in the same way we sometimes say that ‘I can see right through him’, it is ourselves and our ‘old’ perceptions of Life that we can see through.


It is only when we have completed a Life chapter in one of the Enchantments that it becomes transparent and can be seen clearly for the theatre of the soul that it is. Life is clear, transparent, a blank canvas as we start again. We are learning to see through all the roles that we play.



Layers of Enchantments

Your personal reality is a kaleidoscope creating its own powerful experience that is a tangible reality. Each layer of Enchantment filters and colours the clear light of Life.


Each Enchantment is a necessary part of the human experience and is required for our collective evolution. A new level of sophistication arises in response to the challenges of each Enchantment—each one is a story that we co-create as we contribute to it.


The specific Enchantments we move through as human beings correspond to the characteristics of the planets: Earth, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the centaurs Chiron and Pholus. Each Enchantment can be seen as a ‘level of evolution’, with its own self-perpetuating perception of reality.



Love is the Mystery

What runs through the whole map of evolution of Life, and what is simultaneously outside the map, is the mystical truth of something beyond definition—Love. Love is the glue of Life, of eternity and infinity; it is the stuff of magic, mystery and all of Life’s Enchantments. To be fully alive is to be in love with Life. Love will always be more than our minds can see or believe.


As each new level of reality unfolds from humanity, it corresponds with a new planetary discovery. The Enchantments give a profound new understanding of what the planets represent in your life—this new system of astrological mapping is what I have termed the Holosphere.


As well as individual evolution through the Enchantments, each Enchantment is also evolving within itself—this is the collective background change. Is your life changing faster than the background speed of change?


If your life is in turmoil, or you are having an epiphany, then you are probably going through an identity transformation, shifting your centre from one Enchantment to another, which is a process of transformation akin to dying and being reborn.


If you are in the midst of a personal earthquake where your identity and your reality are breaking down through disillusionment, ill health, relationship or career crisis, or spiritual awakening—both disturbing and exhilarating—then you would probably find it very helpful to be piloted through the process.


If the change is not a complete shock, you are either moving deeper into your Enchantment or moving away from the peak toward completion.


New planets continue to be discovered. New stories of the nature of reality will continue to arise. Our life is a co-creative adventure, taking place within the adventure of the evolution of the whole human species.

Developmental Levels

My research suggests there are nine levels of consciousness that we can label as Enchantments, with more to open up in the future. However, the majority of us will be centred in one of the four main adult Enchantments. These four Enchantments are what the Big Q—our self-assessment multiple choice questionnaire that will help you access the Enchantments for yourself in your everyday life—focuses on.


The majority of the world’s adult population currently falls into one of two major perceptions on the nature of the world in which we live. For now, let’s label them the ‘moralist’ (Blue Saturn) and the ‘materialist’ (Orange Uranus). The next developmental stage (Green Neptune) can loosely be called the ‘alternative view’. This view, though not dominant, is in the ascendancy. The fourth major adult Enchantment (Yellow Pluto) encompasses the recognition that the other three prior Enchantments exist not only out there in the world, but within all of us as individuals.


We all have all the Enchantments inherent within us, and this is healthy. However, our centre of gravity—our predominant perception—shifts or unfolds one developmental level at a time from one Enchantment to another.


As well as the Enchantment levels introduced here, there are also the transitionary states between levels. I want to emphasize that this article is an introduction to a lifetime’s work, which, if I may be so bold, is an extraordinarily sophisticated new form of metaphysical, sociological, psychological—and inherently mystical—mapping. The way of studying any new paradigm of thought is, by necessity, one of levels of learning and stages of refinement.



© Copyright Laurence James Lucas and Carey Vail