The Enchantments of Life

How is Your Enchanting Life Today?



Outside in

If you are one of Hong Kong’s citizens of the world, you have probably noticed how differently you feel in different cultures. More than that, it is as if a whole different facet of your personality is projected out to the world depending on where you are. In the age of the global village, we have the opportunity to play different people. The world is your stage, the mask and costume fitting the backdrop scenery.


Every city has a flavour, a mythology and a set of scripts. Each city creates its own particular Enchantment.


Your Life takes place within a landscape and that landscape feeds you subliminally. Every city, every country, has an all-pervasive quality that creates the background to your life. How can that be? Well, when we are talking about communities on any scale from country to village, we are of course talking about its people, and it really is true to say that ‘no man is an island’. Your deep unconscious is the collective unconscious, as borne out by the universal interpretation of our dream symbols and Jungian synchronicity.


Both the human environment and the natural environment are being read and scanned by your pattern-making subconscious mind, which limits and cajoles you into a certain neurological zone, or state of mind. Think of the megabytes upon megabytes of information that is encoded into your 3-dimensional world—sounds, smells, language, passing conversation you barely hear, body language, advertising, styles of dress, street markets, traffic, hills, water, birds, trees and, of course in Hong Kong, the magnificent cityscape with its frenetic mix of multicultural corporate sheen with the whiff of Ancient China, the temples, ancestors and tradition of trading in this pivotal Asian port.



Inside out

Are you aware how your day is created? When you wake up in the morning what pictures are on the walls of your bedroom? Are there magazines on the floor? Do you keep books in your bedroom? What colour are your walls? Is the room cluttered? Do you put the radio on, and if so what is the first thing you heard today? What did the DJ say or what were the lyrics of the song?


Your intelligence is vast—far more than you realise. Your mind has absorbed it all and is creating patterns out of the data you are feeding yourself.


What costume are you putting on? How do your clothes define the role you will play today—starting with your underwear? Do you feel good putting it on? Now, breakfast; what alchemy are you creating within yourself with that breakfast cereal, what moods do your foods create? How is your lover today; did she or he affirm your success?


Your life is an art form, an Enchantment. Your internal world and your external world are in constant communication with each other. If you put yourself in a room it will affect you—it will make you see the world in a certain way. If you put yourself in the company of a positive person, think how powerful that message is to who you are and what you want to achieve. You are an information sponge and transmitter far more sophisticated than any piece of technology yet created. How sexy is that and how dare you sell yourself short?


What seeds have you planted in your subconscious? These seeds will grow and become your conscious mind, your attitudes and your feelings for the day. The 4th dimension is your inner world, which controls the speed of your day, the speeding up and slowing down of time. If you are having an exciting time, time runs away; if you are having an awful time, time drags heavy. When you are feeling centred, calm and clear, notice how you feel time-rich. A true master of time can write a good commentary on the life around and within them. Be conscious in the whirlwind of modern life; step into the still, calm eye of the storm; observe what is going on within and around you; and create the life you want.


The world will look a certain way today. Do you want to change your world? Do you want to change your life?



© Copyright Laurence James Lucas and Carey Vail