The Enchantments of Life

Did You Choose Your Life Today?

Laurence James Lucas


What did you imagine your life would be like today?

 Do you accept that your life is the result of your choices?



The power of decision is, I propose, misunderstood. Each and every moment is asking you to choose an element in your life. We all do make choices, in every moment. Most choices are made automatically and fairly unconsciously—this in itself is adequate, because Life in its entirety is benevolent and is always looking to give us the advantage and benefit of the doubt. However, ‘adequate’ is not enough to truly enjoy our lives, nor to realize our full potential…


Are you at the stage of life where you would like to be more conscious and clear with your choices, and to co-create, with the benevolence of Life, more of what you want?


The good news is that Life is on your side.


Life is benevolent—this is self-evident when you think about the fact that Life exists at all. Creation is an act of love. Life loves Life, which is why living beings keep on reproducing, appearing and evolving out of the quantum soup of energy that everything is constructed from. It is a fact—Life loves you and will give you what you ask for. Evolution is the advancement of the ability to ask for what you want; to become more conscious in doing so. As you become more conscious, what you ask for changes.


As human beings, we all pass through a number of clearly definable stages of evolution of our consciousness. I call these different stages of unfoldment ‘Enchantments’.


In the early stages of life after birth, your body mechanically requests that you survive. The body comes with an inbuilt survival instinct supplied by the manufacturer, Life. Life gets us started in the asking game.


At the second level of evolvement, you automatically ask for safety and security, both for yourself and for your immediate tribe or family. Here, your imagination develops and the ability to create stories and mythology is born.


You then start asking for more for yourself, impulsively; you ask for instant gratification, straightforward pleasure. This creates the competition to be top dog, to become the victor who takes all. Here, the ‘master story’ mythology is that of heroic endeavour.


On the fourth level of consciousness, we ask for stability, peace of mind and a meaning for our life; a sense of belonging and safety for the families in our own culture and religion. We ask that people behave with a set of rules or morals so that we can enjoy the benevolence of our society. We also learn to respect the benevolent supply and not take it for granted; we learn to follow the rules and ask within those limits.

During the next stage of our evolution as conscious beings we again ask for ourselves, this time with more sophistication as we ask to enjoy the material world, sensual experiences, good food, money, toys, comforts, beautiful objects, entertainment and excitement. Here, we ask to be seen as special, to have status, to successfully compete in the market and to express our individuality. The mythology of this fifth stage is that of ‘survival of the fittest’, which is fairly prevalent in our society—the myth has its place as it allows the self to develop, but its importance has been somewhat exaggerated.


As ‘normal’ adults, we are all asking on all of these levels to varying degrees, all of the time, mostly unconsciously.


The next and sixth stage, which is becoming increasingly common, is that we ask to feel connected to the source of this benevolence, the supplier; to feel the benevolent Soul of Life—but not just for ourselves; we now want all people to share the same feeling of connection, partly for our own confirmation.


The levels of request we can keep evolving into do not stop there.


A further level of human consciousness is now developing, which brings with it a new order of request. We start to ask to enjoy our lives; to be immersed in this benevolence; to be able to express our gratitude for the abundant supply that life bestows, enjoying all that the world offers us personally, while finding ways to help others also ask more consciously. In effect, we start to act as agents for Life itself, so that all Life survives, benefits and flourishes. This Enchantment is truly the beginning of learning to ask consciously. Here, we can truly begin to get what we want, which is what Life itself wants—benevolence and abundance for you and all people.


Each of these ‘levels of request’ has created and is simultaneously embedded within a mythology. The collective myth at each level is not just imagination, but is expressed out there as a reality experience, as an Enchantment. Each Enchantment has its own psychology, physiology and mythic imagination, for it is through your imagination, your constantly forming subconscious mythology, that Life manifests. Your imagination is a vital part of your request mechanism. Your imagination supplies you with your requests.


Before you can effectively get more of what you want beyond the standard cultural norms, you need to be able to actively and consciously see the levels of request, the Enchantments within your life, so as to understand your own decision-making processes, which are mostly unconscious in most of us, most of the time.


You can enjoy the vitality of being creative and living in benevolent abundance. Would you like to see how you could do that?




© Copyright Laurence James Lucas and Carey Vail